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About Our Optometry Practice in Santa Cruz

If you are looking for a top-notch eye doctor in Santa Cruz, CA, Dr. Curtis Froid is the right optometrist to go to for quality eye care services. At our office, we care about your eyes, and we are committed to making sure you have great vision and eye health throughout your years. We encourage you to get to know our optometrist and staff to see why we are your friendly and professional optometry practice to go in Santa Cruz.

Eye Doctor in Santa Cruz

Dr. Froid is our optometrist who strives to exceed your expectations when it comes to providing care for your eyes. He specializes in family vision care, treatment of childhood learning problems, and sports vision therapy. When he is not attending to his patients, he takes part in community organizations, youth sports, and Santa Cruz Rotary.

Services We Offer

If you need optometry services in CA, we can offer you the following:

  • Eye Exams: If you have not had an eye exam recently or you are suffering from vision-related issues, our qualified optometrist would be glad to assist you.
  • Contact Lens Exams: Are you interested in getting contact lenses? We offer a specialized eye exam that assesses your vision issues, formulates your prescription, and fits you with the appropriate lenses.
  • LASIK Eye Surgery: Eye conditions like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism can be treated with LASIK, but you need to be a candidate to have the procedure done. We can determine if this surgery is right for your needs.
  • Computer Vision Treatment: Vision issues like computer vision syndrome can make the eyes uncomfortable and dry. Fortunately, we have the best remedies to control these issues.
  • Sports Vision: If you are an athlete who is seeking to improve your vision as a way to boost your performance, we have tests and products that go above and beyond to ensure your vision remains as sharp as possible while you are playing your sport of choice.
  • Sunglasses: Not only are sunglasses great for fashion, but they can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. We would be glad to include your eyeglass prescription to the sunglasses of your choice to help you maintain excellent vision at all times.

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There is no more need to look for an eye doctor in Santa Cruz because Dr. Curtis Froid can help you with all eye-related needs. Under the direction of the highly esteemed Dr. Curtis Froid, our practice remains dedicated to going above and beyond for every patient. Contact us today at 831-423-5844 to find out how we can assist you in achieving optimal vision and eye health as soon as possible.

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